“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.” – Robert Collier

As a small business owner, though you have many goals and plans you want to achieve, it’s sometimes easy to get lost in the big picture and fail to map all the small steps it takes to reach your destination. You may find the best way to achieve your BIG goals is to set (and achieve) many small goals instead.

Consider these three reasons why you should consider thinking small when it comes to goal setting.

  • You Are Less Likely to Fail – Though we learn much more from our failures than our successes, when we DO fail to reach a goal, what happens? Often we don’t genuinely “try, try again.” We get discouraged and lose a little of the passion necessary to drive forward to success. Sometimes we even give up…
    By choosing smaller goals, this is less likely to happen. For instance, instead of saying that you want to funnel $10,000 into marketing within 6 months, why not say that you want to put aside $400 a week? $400 a is a lot easier to achieve than $10,000 and even if we find ourselves slipping one week, we can re-double our efforts next week to recover.
  • You Can Create Momentum – When you succeed at one goal, it fuels your passion and tempers your commitment to drive forward. Like a chunk of steel in the master blacksmith’s hands, your resolve and focus become razor sharp and hard like diamonds. Achieving your small goal creates the momentum to propel your forward to the next! The more you succeed, the more you enjoy the taste of it. Before you know it, you’ll want to set and achieve even more goals or even larger steps!
  • Achieving small goals makes it easier to pivot.
    The world changes in the blink of an eye. Industries and businesses both large and small need to be able to shift gears at the drop of a hat to take maximum advantage of new developments. Often your small goals create natural pivot points that allow you to change the direction of your business without the fear and pain associated with the dumping of larger projects.

As a business owner, it is easy to think big and you should if you want to be big! However, taking a little time to relax, and think about the small steps can help you get further than you ever thought possible. Take a few moments and write down a few small goals for yourself and your business. Then, get out there and start achieving!