If you’re a small business owner, you might have more time than money where marketing is concerned. The good news is that a lot of your social media marketing can be done at little or no cost. The bad news is that building your brand will be a time commitment. While time might be easier to allot than a monetary investment, it’s still costly. The hours you devote to your marketing means time that you’re not doing the actual work of your business.

There are some fantastic ways to streamline your online marketing so that you’re not spending a lot of time needlessly. You’ll see great ideas about how to advance and add to your social media on every platform. But the topic is so wide that it’s easy to get lost experimenting with a lot of different methods with minimal progress. The key is to do your due diligence in research, but then commit to your plan and move forward in the most efficient ways possible.

The following tips will give you some concrete time saving techniques to keep you on track.

Six Time Saving Tips for Your Small Business Social Media Marketing

1. Plan Your Calendar. Your marketing should be a concrete plan. You should sit down and map out which platforms your business should cultivate and then create a calendar that specifically lists tasks and due dates. Your calendar might be simple, including a set number of minutes
devoted to each of your platforms or the number of posts. It should also include set time spans to measure results. A calendar will keep you on task, limiting the chance that you’ll create platforms that aren’t well maintained.

2. Create Templates for Your Platforms. One of the biggest time drainers for a small business new to marketing is in creating the content. A blank page (or status update space) can be exceptionally intimidating. A great tool to keep your posts, blogs, and other social media material easy to maintain is in creating templates for each platform. This might be as simple as a word document showing the layout of your blog post or a written social media post announcing events where the dates and title information can be changed. A template is especially helpful to keep your pages uniform if you have more than one staff member handling social media posts.

3. Creative Ways to Curate Content. Coming up with fresh ideas for content can be a chore. You need to post regularly but you can’t only post advertisements
because your followers will view your posts as spam. Curating content is a great way to infuse your platforms with interesting topics without recreating the wheel. This might include sharing posts from your other contacts with your own message attached (and always with credit to the original poster). You might also link to news or human interest articles or even share funny memes or Ecards that go along with your business model.

4. Who’s Your Expert? You may have a leading social media expert right in your midst and not even know it. Many small businesses have staff members who excel at social media marketing because they use the platforms in their personal time and are often very advanced in navigating them. Talk to your staff and see if there are employees who would be excited to take over this facet of your marketing. You can also enlist your staff in sharing company posts on their personal social media pages for a greater reach.

5. Don’t Overanalyze the Analytics. Every platform now offers analytics and you can measure a great deal of data. The problem is that you’re probably getting a lot of data that you might not necessarily have a good use for.
Following the K.I.S.S. rule is vital to keep your social media ball rolling without spending vast amounts of time analyzing every needless detail of you last post.
Due to the “real world” influence on your social efforts and vise-versa and our inability to track real world conversations, it is truly impossible to accurately track the ROI of your social media efforts. It’s best then to track the key metrics of Reach (how many people saw your post) and Engagement (how many people reacted to you post with a click, like, comment, share, favorite or retweet) to make sure your posts are making a growing impact on your fans, followers, and their friends.

6. Get Help. Social media marketing takes a considerable time investment to both learn and maintain. Though the statistics have proven social media’s value many times over, this is effort you could be spending on running your business, or real-world networking.
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