If you truly want to benefit from social media marketing, influencer marketing can be a powerful tactic.

Influencer marketing uses industry and community leaders to push your brand, content, or product to the larger target market.

At first, you may just try to connect and get noticed by people or brands who already have influence with your market or in your industry. Your end goal should be to become one of those influencers yourself. That way, you, your company, or your brand are the ones that other people will look to for leadership and insight.

Four Ways to Grow Your Influence Online

In most cases, influencers don’t attain their status by accident. Consider these tips to help you become the leader that others look to for guidance and inspiration in the social spaces:

  1. Connect With Other Influencers

You may not like the idea of riding the coattails of other influencers.  Garnering the attention and acceptance by social media users with a good following can, however help you develop your own image and brand.

The best way to get other influencers to notice you is to mention them in a positive way. You might also start a conversation with them by commenting on or responding to their posts. Also, be sure to track mentions of your own name or brand, so you can respond.

  1. Understand Your Intended Audience

Spend time getting to know any existing followers and fans that you have already accumulated. If you haven’t built up much of a social following yet, you can scout the social pages of fans that current influencers in your niche have developed.

Information about the kinds of information they find valuable, their general reading level, and their temperament will prove useful.  Knowledge about your audience can help you develop valuable content and keep from making any social mistakes.

  1. Always Offer Value

You know that you face a lot of competition for your audience’s attention. Your content might inform, educate, or even amuse your audience. No matter what, everything you offer should be something that you believe other people would like to spend time viewing.
At the same time, your social media text, graphics, and videos can certainly be abbreviated and concise versions of the content on your own site. Your intention will usually be to whet people’s appetite for more information. Typically, fairly short content does better on social networks and video sharing sites.

  1. Don’t Always Sell

There are a few brands who have an audience that eagerly awaits their latest promotional offer. Most companies and individuals do a better job by limiting marketing content on social networks to twenty percent or less of their posts.

What should you post if you don’t always write about your products and services?
Naturally, this depends upon your audience. You might engage people by offering industry-relevant content, how-to tips, or notes about charitable efforts that potential customers are likely to find valuable. Consider topics that are likely to interest your audience and get them to view you in a positive light.

Don’t Give Up on Your Bid to Succeed at Influencer Marketing

Few companies or internet celebrities had the luxury of starting out with a large fan or follower base. At the same time, you can get far by focusing just a bit of your efforts on building your audience each day or at least, a few days out of each week. Once you develop some momentum, the task should get easier and yield great returns.